welcome to skincare for women over 50,My name is Florence, Am a woman in her mid fifties who is deeply passionate about health and skincare, I believe that great skin starts from the inside out.


In my mid thirties I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that ended up leaving me with very dry and difficult to manage skin. I tried all kinds of products to get back my youthful skin,a process that led me to develop a passion for helping others find solutions for their own skin problems.

As we age skin becomes more and more difficult to maintain in a healthy state.It can become a sore issue for many of us as skin becomes leathery and wrinkled,and so many of us can become confused looking for solutions in an industry that is overflowing with all kinds of creams, and lotions.


I believe what helped me is developing the attitude of being a student and learning all I could on having healthy skin and understanding that it will not happen just because I will it to.  Researching best practices, tips and testing different products, from that experience I have learnt some great lessons that I am more than willing to share with you all.

If you are in your twenties,thirties or forties, you will still benefit greatly because you have the benefit of time. If you are in your fifties then we can share experiences here and hopefully my personal lessons and tips will be of great value.


My goal is to make the world of skin care for women who are aging or those who have difficulty identifying what is best for them easier. To be a support system for those who need someone to talk to and share their skincare journeys.

If you ever want to talk, ask any questions, or just share an experience, or comment, please feel free to leave them below,I will be thrilled to help out.

I look forward to exciting interactions here as we explore the endless possibilities to healthy, fabulous and radiant skin as we age beautifully.

All the best.


Skincare for women over 50.

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