Cosmetics Set Including Lipstick Eye Shadow And Blusher

Beauty in my books is an internal feeling and not just how we look on the outside,It therefore is not determined by age at all but by all the components that make us feel our best at any given time. Age should just be a number we are still beautiful at any age, the key is how we feel on the inside. As good wine gets better with age I sincerely believe that women can mature gracefully and still look great, we have gathered so many lessons over the span of our lives that can help us stay at the top of our game, or what do you say?

Make-up can greatly enhance our skincare and beauty regimens to make it better, and when it’s appropriately applied can improve our looks and take off several years off our age, not literally Lol. I have noted with delight that any time I use make up and it’s done well people notice and give me compliments but when it’s been done incorrectly no ones says anything even though I know they noticed, so as you can see proper application of make up does make a difference.

Choosing proper make up is key because it determines how the finished product will look, Its also very important to learn how to do your make up the right way because make up done the wrong way can work against us by aging us further. Today I am going to share with us some things that can help us when choosing and applying make Make-up done right you will come out looking as if you have spent some dollars in a beauty parlor. Following is a list of 5 things that can help mature women like you and me make the most from make-up from Beauticians .


Your skin is your biggest organ and I can not over emphasize how important to take good care of it, I always say here that it’s your canvas to pain on whatever you want. Many of us neglect our skin and try to use make-up as a cover for all the things going on underneath , my beautiful ladies, when you give you skin the attention it needs then you will need very little to make it look good, great skin will be your best make-up practice.

Cleanse daily with a good cleanser, this is important to keep the skin clean by removing dirt, and other build up.Tone to reduce the appearance of pores and to remove any dirt left after the cleansing. I personally prefer no alcohol based toners because they are gentle on my aging skin. Moisturize to keep your skin hydrated and keep the early signs of aging like wrinkles at bay.

Now that skin is well taken care of,we can move on to painting on our canvas, if you get my drift.


I have had my fair share of foundation challenges, I still can say I have mastered the right foundation for my skin because I still end up from time to time with some that make me look ghastly. I was learning from my youngest daughter recently that when picking foundation I must ask for what it’s under tones are to get the perfect match for my skin.

The right foundation is key to creating a good base to apply make-up on, consider the following things when choosing your foundation.

Skin type, Is your skin oily, is it dry or maybe you have a sensitive skin, all these aspects matter if you are to find a product you will love and use daily. Its also important to consider skin color , if you are dark skinned or light skinned,you will find products that are suitable for you.

Once you make the right choice the next step is how apply it, Do not wear too much foundation, as we age we will have fine lines and when you wear too much foundation it will tend to fill up in these creases making it look terrible and can age us drastically, less is better in this case, just use enough because it can also affect your skin by clogging your pores which can lead to breakouts.

Choose foundation with sun protection so you can keep your skin protected from the sun, Always remember the skin is the primary focus here so take care of it .


I am not a fun of lip colors in general but I do use them, I think they add a pop of color to my face and can make a big difference if the correct colors are used. I have noticed that darker lip colors age me now that I am older,some of these fancy colors that look great on younger women and models just make me look old, so my advice is to stay away from Dark colors and keep your color choices to neutrals.

It is better to use cream lip colors are better suited for mature ladies in comparison to Matt that tend to dry up and expose the tiny fine lines on the lip caused by aging. You can also choose colored lip gloss over regular lip colors if it’s your preference but don’t go over board with the lip gloss it might make you look like you are trying too hard to recover your youth.

Always use the same lip pencils to your color of lipstick,using black eye pencils to line your lips when you are over 50 years will severely age you.


Aging really makes the skin lose it’s natural color and mature skin can look dull, grayish and there’s a need to add a little more color by using make up. Many mature ladies are afraid of experimenting with blush or when they do, it’s not done the right way.

Use Blush sparingly and make sure you blend it into the skin properly so that it looks natural and does not stand out like a sore thumb, remember we are not trying to be young again but rather to achieve age appropriate effortless beauty. It is better to use use Eye shadow to add life and brighten my eyes, My rule of the thumb is to steer clear of very bold colors,I find that they age me and can be rather over powering, so here as in the other areas I find that neutral colors work best for me. so hey, play around with color on your canvas and you will find ones that bring out the best in you.


Primers are newer in the market and were not there when I was a young lady, or if they were there I was not aware of it,But have become a personal favorite . I like the Primers because they help make the skin a perfect canvas to work on. Primers help to create a flawless surface to apply make Make-up , they can also help to keep colors longer so you are not worried about regularly having to re- apply make up during your day especially for those of us who have to deal with hot flashes, I know many of you can relate.

Invest in a good quality Primer,since you will be using it sparingly it will last a long time and the dollar will balance out. It is better to use use primer because it helps fill the creases and lines caused by aging so my make – up ends up looking fantastic and that’s what I want.


I hope that I have helped you understand that you can still look great by adding great make-up choices to your skincare routine. As many of us age we start to put a side make-up thinking it is too youthful for us, or if we use it, we tens to go over board and slather too much make-up on,both extremes are not good for us. I have found out from many years of trial and error that the best make-up for me is to keep as natural as I can and let my inner beauty shine through. I want us to live our lives to the full and hope that you will choose to experiment with make-up the right way and enjoy your self as you do so, I love you all and may you live your best life yet.


Beauty for Mature Women-best kept secrets

The greatest thing about being older is the maturity and wisdom gained from the experiences in life. Mature women are not afraid to start a fresh and have a determination to regain their youthful looks to feel vibrant and beautiful. I have the experience as a 50 plus year old woman and know for a fact that nothing fazes us at this age. Beauty for mature women is possible because we are at the best place to learn new things and from our mistakes, it’s just a matter of deciding that the time is now.

This can be done in many ways; first we can start on the outside, by buying stylish and age appropriate clothes to look our best. We can wear fancy scents that are tried and true, and get make-up that turns us into stunning goddesses, style our hair in new hair dos or start a new exercise regime, etc. as you can see the options of what we can do to look beautiful at our age are limitless.there are lots of cosmetic and small changes that can make a significant difference in our health and beauty as we mature gracefully.

We are also aware that we have begun the descent to the tail end of our lives, sometimes with more dread than joy. But the truth is, there is a lot we can still do to help us age gracefully and make this stage of our lives the best ever. I want to encourage all the beautiful mature women reading this, that it’s OK to grow older and we can still do it beautifully. Let us embrace whatever age we are, and love our lives. I love my age and feel that I have grown so much and have become comfortable in my skin. I’m happy with my wrinkles, brown spots and enjoy being me. I’m not perfect but that’s OK.

Mature women can be beautiful and our skin plays a big part in feeling youthful as we age. It is our biggest organ, therefore we must take good care of it, I’m very passionate about skin because I see it as a canvas that we can paint amazing masterpieces on, love your skin, it is what people see first and says lots about you without talking.

Following are some of my best kept secrets for aging beautifully, I live them out and struggle sometimes but I feel most beautiful when I’m practicing them, I hope that they transform you into a beauty beyond your wildest dreams.

Be Confident

Woman laughing out loud with happiness

The attitude you have toward aging will either help you or hinder you. If you are negative about yourself or body image, it will age you drastically.but when you are positive and happy about your life, you will look youthful. So Lets’s avoid the “Bitter old woman syndrome” and take life by the horns. You have one life to live, live it the best way you can. Accept who you are and you will ooze with confidence, I’m convinced that confidence makes women of any age extremely attractive.

Eat Healthy

I can’t over-emphasize what an important role diet plays in our health and overall beauty. As we grow older we know that we are indeed what we eat . If you want to age well and retain your beauty, eat well. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of clean water. Avoid refined foods and too much alcohol. If you take your diet seriously, your skin will shine through smooth and hydrated. I rise and fall on this one but mostly I try to eat healthy.

Exercise Regularly

This is one I love to hate. But now in my fifties, metabolism has gone south and exercise is key to keeping in good shape and good is important to create a regimen that works for you as long as it gets your heart pumping and it is done consistently. Walking does wonders for me and when my energy levels are high I throw in a few dance classes to keep me going, I’m not where I want to be on matters exercise  but I know I need it more now than ever , I want to encourage all the older ladies here to get in some exercise daily and your skin will love you and benefit greatly from it. Please, get up and keep moving, your body will thank you for it and you will age beautifully.

Sleep Well

This one is the love of my life,I love sleep, not sure if it’s the old bones but it does wonders for me. Sleep is so important to our health and our beauty. We need time to renew ourselves and sleep does just that. It is very easy at this age for us to be very busy trying to catch up with all we need to do and forget to get some good quality sleep. I personally believe sleep is my best skin care secret.

Please allow yourself the luxury to sleep and you will age like fine wine.

Do Good

When I do good I feel good. I think it is important for us at this age to feel useful by using the wisdom we’ve gained over the years to mentor younger women, serve our communities, do charity work or whatever makes your juices flow, Just focus on doing good. I think this is the best accessory a woman can adorn. I hope I will not come to the twilight years of my life filled with regrets about things I could have done, I want beauty that comes from the inside, and color that floods my cheek bones from a life that is well lived. I hope this is what you desire too.

Lets’s do it

Lets’s embrace aging, Lets’s mature beautifully and gracefully, Lets’s support each other and have fun doing it. I love you all and can’t wait to walk this journey with all the mature beauties here. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to drop in your comments, would love to hear what your secrets of aging beautifully are.

“Getting old is not for sissies” Bette Davies.







welcome to skincare for women over 50,My name is Florence, Am a woman in her mid fifties who is deeply passionate about health and skincare, I believe that great skin starts from the inside out.


In my mid thirties I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that ended up leaving me with very dry and difficult to manage skin. I tried all kinds of products to get back my youthful skin,a process that led me to develop a passion for helping others find solutions for their own skin problems.

As we age skin becomes more and more difficult to maintain in a healthy state.It can become a sore issue for many of us as skin becomes leathery and wrinkled,and so many of us can become confused looking for solutions in an industry that is overflowing with all kinds of creams, and lotions.


I believe what helped me is developing the attitude of being a student and learning all I could on having healthy skin and understanding that it will not happen just because I will it to.  Researching best practices, tips and testing different products, from that experience I have learnt some great lessons that I am more than willing to share with you all.

If you are in your twenties,thirties or forties, you will still benefit greatly because you have the benefit of time. If you are in your fifties then we can share experiences here and hopefully my personal lessons and tips will be of great value.


My goal is to make the world of skin care for women who are aging or those who have difficulty identifying what is best for them easier. To be a support system for those who need someone to talk to and share their skincare journeys.

If you ever want to talk, ask any questions, or just share an experience, or comment, please feel free to leave them below,I will be thrilled to help out.

I look forward to exciting interactions here as we explore the endless possibilities to healthy, fabulous and radiant skin as we age beautifully.

All the best.


Skincare for women over 50.